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Homeward Bound

In an hour, I'll be on an airplane headed west. I have a layover in Toronto then on to Detroit later this afternoon, well, later tonight Amsterdam time. Schiphol is quite the airport. There is a big mall on the arrivals level and many, many stores on the way to the gate. I'll miss Amsterdam. It's been a great visit, one that I'll reflect on for quite some time. Many memories of the many sites I saw and people I met. The highlight of the trip, of course, was spending a week with Amanda and having her along for the ride. It was much emptier when she left. Of the sites we saw, the visit to the Anne Frank house tops the list. It was a moving experience. To see the place that I read about just a few days earlier brought home how harrowing that time and place was. It's hard to imagine the courage it must have taken to go into hiding and stay there for more than two years.  There are a bunch of small moments that stand out: The afternoon in the Two Swans when