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The weekend

If there was a theme to the weekend, it was "Rain." After the big deluge on Thursday, Friday was a beautiful autumn day. I walked and walked and walked and never saw a chance of rain. I was mildly concerned about Saturday and Sunday because was forecasting a significant chance of rain. Then the forecast changed on Saturday morning and with clear skies, I felt much better about the upcoming canal cruise. I got Amanda from the airport and after getting her settled, we found some food and spent a little time checking out shops on Elandsstraat in the Jordaan . A bit before 5:00, we meandered over to Cafe Wester where we were to meet our canal tour guide from Those Dam Boat Guys . As promised, Ben was waiting for us at the front door. He checked off our names and as soon as the other 10 passengers arrived, we were off to the boat dock. "Dock" is a rather misleading word, since the boat was tied up along the canal, along with myriad other boats. You certa