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 I spent the day wandering through the city on foot. I started out by heading north to Station Amsterdam Centraal, more commonly known as Centraal. It's the transportation hub for trains and buses coming and in out of Amsterdam as well as start and end points for many routes within the city. Centraal Station was built near the end of the 19th century and has been controversial from the beginning. Geert Maks says in his book about Amsterdam : "Almost all of Amsterdam's own experts and others involved thought this to be a catastrophic plan, 'the most disgusting possible attack on the beauty and glory of the capital'. Nevertheless, the building of the Central Station in front of the open harbour was forced through by the railway department of the Ministry of Transport in The Hague, and the Home Secretary, Thorbecke. Finally, the plan made its way through the Amsterdam municipal council by a narrow majority."* Coming at it on foot from the south as I did, y