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Amsterdam, day 1.5

The clock says it's been almost 24 hours since I wrote my first post but it sure doesn't feel that way. Rather yesterday seemed over into today and now it's all run together into one very, very long day. And it's still dragging on. I understand jet lag will do that to a person. Flights to and from Toronto were all good. We got to Schiphol Airport a bit early this morning but ended up waiting the gate to open up, follwed by a mechanical issue that delayed the cabin door opening so the upshot was we deplaned at just about the time we were supposed to arrive. Then the inevitable queuing for customs, waiting for luggage to arrive, and figuring out how to get the right bus (see previous post about patience) meant that I didn't get to the VRBO apartment until about 12:30, a good two hours after landing. It is unfortunate that flying is so unpleasant but once it's over, things get better fast. Mercifully. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my bearings in m