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Tonight Ruth had us do more twists. These were all open twists, which lead to an open and expansive chest. She emphasized again that we're not twisting our spines. Rather we're using our stomach muscles to pull ourselves around the spine. The great thing about twists is that I leave feeling refreshed, energized, yet relaxed. I always enjoy these postures. Here are the asanas we did tonight: Upavistha Konasa Parsva Upavistha Konasa Parsva Mukhottanasana - This is what Ruth called the pose but it's not in Light on Yoga and I couldn't find it on the web. The pose is done lying flat, with knees bent, rolling from side to side Jathara Parivartanasana - We did first on mats in the center of the room. The we went to the wall and rolled our feet to the wall, keeping hips on the floor. Then we did it at the wall with a partner who was there to make sure our hips were working. Rope work - We did some work on ropes to twist while hanging. Pasasana - The work was to keep our spin