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Saturday morning in Bangkok. I'm waiting for yoga class to start. That's at 11:00, in about 45 minutes. I had found this guy's studio on the web. I wanted to see whether Iyengar style yoga is any different here than it is at the place I go to in East Lansing. We'll see. He also has another class tomorrow morning but I'm not sure I can make that and also get to the wat to hear the discussion about Buddhist meditation that takes place the first Sunday of the month. Decisions, decisions. So yesterday when I got here, I did a short swing around Siam Square. One of the touristy things to do here is visit Jim Thompson's house. Jim Thompson was an American who settled in Bangkok in the 50s and he's been credited for bringing an awareness of Thai silk to the world. He disappeared in 1967 in Malayasia and has never been heard from again. Now his house is a museum of sorts to show off traditional Thai architecture. It's very interesting. The guy had a fantastic se
Who would have thought that Net access would be 10 times more in Bangkok???? That may put a crimp in my blogging activities. So it goes. Anyway, Bangkok is everything it's cracked up to be. Big, polluted, crowded, and alive. Tonight I'm out trying to find a restaurant then a place for an after dinner aperitif. What I've found is a street with bar upon bar. And lots and lots of young people. A few geezers like me, but not many. It looks like a city of youth. Maybe all cities look like this after dark and I just don't see it because I'm curled up with a book and ESPN.