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This is the remains of the wall and moat that used to surround Chiang Mai. It's about a block from my hotel. As you can see it's mostly ruin now and the moat is a pretty ugly brown soup. The traffic flows on both sides of the moat and there are periodic crossing. There are several phae or gates around the wall. I use these to keep myself oriented, more or less. The streets around here go don't go in straight lines so it's easy to get turned around and lost. I actually carry a compass (thanks, Eric!), in addition to my map.
Checking out the Chiang Mai Public Library. Gosh, it looks just like the Holt-Delhi Branch back home. The only difference is that, except for the two English newspapers from Bangkok, everything is in Thai script. I introduced myself to the librarian and she set me up on one of the Internet stations they have in their computer room. Yes, it's a wired library! It's about 11:30 a.m. on Monday and about half the stations are busy. Usual assortment of teens and geezers like me. I could watch eloquent about the power of libraries to touch everyone's life, no matter where you might be in the world. But I'll spare you. I'm off to visit another wat this morning. Then starting to think about the next leg of my journey to Ayuthaya tomorrow. Still trying to hook up with the yoga studio here but I'm not sure I can make that work. Tonight I'm meeting David and Neung for dinner. We're going to an Italian place not too far from their house. One last observation: no one