Nov. 28 Yoga Practice

Last night we finished a four week series on arm balances. It was definitely the most challenging night for me. I had a hard time getting into any of the postures we did. Another one of those humbling experiences. These postures require a great deal of core strength, confidence, and concentration to do them. Somehow I was lacking in that combination.

We started out by doing a number of intense hip openers and padmasana then moved into the arm balances. Adho Mukha Svasana should be done as needed throughout the practice. Page numbers refer to illustrations and instructions for the pose from Light on Yoga.

Hip Openers:
  • Lie on back. Bring right knee up and place on floor next to ear, left hip as much as necessary to get knee on floor. Straighten left leg and push thigh toward the floor. Switch legs.
  • Lie on back. Bring up right leg, place cross-wise across abdomen and cradle foot in left elbow. Bring shin to chest and lay head on floor. Switch legs.
  • Sit on floor. Bring knees over the shoulders. Roll back & forth on back, resembling a frog.
  • Lie on back. Bring right leg into padmasana. Remove leg and do other leg.
  • Lie on back and bring both legs into padmasana.
  • Padmasana
Arm balances:
Malasana (p. 265)
Tolasana (p. 108)
Bakasana (p. 318)
Parsva Bakasana (p. 319)
Kukutasana (p. 140)
Bhujapidasana (p. 280)
Dwi Pada Koundinyasana (p. 332)
Eka Pada Koundinyasana (p. 333)
Eka Hasta Bhujasana (p. 278)
Dwi Hasta Bhujasana (p. 279)
Astavakrasana (p. 277)

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - on a block, bend knees if lower back is feeling any pain
Urdhva Dhanurasana - do at least 3
Supta Padangusthasana - stretch hamstrings


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