Yoga class was great. Just what the doctor ordered. Good grief, am I ever stiff! No wonder, after all this walking, sitting in airports and airplanes, and bustling about. The teacher, Justin, was very good. He's an American, from L.A. (of course.), and ha been in Bangkok for about 8 years. He gets to India at least every other year and usually once a year. For him, it's only a few hours flight. I'm glad I took the time to do the class. My body really needed the time and it helped clear my mind, too. At least for a little while.

The rest of the day I spent at the weekend market, north of the hotel. Holy cow, what a lot of people. And what a lot of stuff. Anything you want, you can get at the weekend market. Need some new pots and pans? Get it there. How about new dishes? They got it. Jewelry for your sweetie or yourself? Yup. And if you really wanted a new puppy, bird, or fish, you can get them there too. It was a hoot. And very, very crowded. Sometimes the aisles were so jammed everyone just sort of came to a stand-still. I was there for a few hours. Long enough to think that I've had enough shopping for this trip.

Talk about your yin and yang of a day. Yoga for the spirit and the weekend market for consumer heaven, Thai style.


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