Almost time to head out to the airport to begin the long trek home. My flight is at 1:20 a.m. Wednesday morning. I lose a couple of hours going to Seoul but then pick up a day when I cross the date line and get into the states. This time change thing is weird. The upshot is that I spend about 30 hours flying and sitting in airports and end up getting home the same day that I leave. Wednesday.

Today I rented a long-tail boat for a ride around the river and canals. Bangkok used to have a lot more canals, in fact at one time it was known as the Venice of the Far East. But with its rapid growth many of the canals were filled in to create space for roads. Bad move. Now traffic is gridlocked and the river is still a pretty convenient way to get around.

I ran into a couple of school teacher from New Jersey, who saw my WSU luggage tag on my camera bag and introduced herself. Her son went to UM so she had a kind of connection to Michigan. We chatted on the train for a bit. She's here on a 3 week holiday with a colleague and had also been to Chiang Mai. She also went to the Death Train Bridge, which sounded like fun, and to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Both are things I'd like to do sometime.

But at the moment, I'm focused on getting home. Looking forward to seeing more than three TV stations in English (with two of them all news stations), sleeping in my own bed, getting a bagel from Brueggers, and drinking water straight from the tap. It's the little things that add up.


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