My usual blog at seems to be out of commission at the moment. I hope to get it working shortly. In the meantime, here's plan B.

Nothing much to report, except that Korean Airlines knows how to treat its passengers well. I flew from Chicago to Seoul and from Seoul to Bangkok on KAL and on both trips had hot meals that were actually serverd on ceramic serving pieces with flatware that wasn't plastic. Amazing. On the Chicago-Seoul flight we actually had two hot meals because it's a cotton-picking 14 hour marathon. They did their best to make it manageable. We had three movies. Two American and one South Korean. The American films were forgettable romantic comedies: The Wedding Date and Fever Pitch. The South Korean film turned out to be quite affecting, even when few over the heads of all the people in front of me. It's called 'Little Brother' and would be worth searching out on DVD.

OK, so now I'm in the Bangkok airport. One more flight to go. In about 4 hours I'm getting on a flight to Chiang Mai, a city in the northwestern part of the country. It's in the mountains so may be a smidge cooler than Bangkok. They're reputed to have one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand and their night market gets lots of raves in the tour books. I'll let you know.

Right now, I feel gritty & grimy. In need of a shower and a beer. Not necessarily in that order. Hard to believe that my internal clock will ever reset. It's almost 1:30 a.m. here now and my body thinks it's the middle of the day. Only I haven't really slept since, oh, Monday night. Maybe that beer isn't such a good idea...

More when I get to Chiang Mai.


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